Chef Singyn

Chef Singyn

Introducing... CHEF SINGYN

Even if people are coming to Arizona from a million different places, they are bringing their heritage in. A decade of travelling as Executive Chef on National Geographic/Lindblad Expedition Cruise Vessels helped our chef to better understand people's heritage.

Chef Singyn, who stubbornly refuses to let fine dining die, has an excellent ability to source fresh, local sustainable ingredients from all over the world.

Are you thinking of doing something different for your event and the dish is not on the menu? Do you want to add a fine touch to your plate? That's why we brought Chef Singyn at Club 425!


Chef Singyn Hunter was part of the building process of National Geographic Explorer in the Canary Islands!

Chef Singyn was one of the first American’s to work on one of National Geographic foreign flagged cruise ship!

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